Click Fraud Detection and Prevention

At the moment we are targeting click fraud on Google AdWords advertising system. So, if you are using Google AdWords as primary source for promoting your business, this is the place to start. We tried to keep everything as simple as possible, you don't have to be an expert to use our integrated solution. Basically, after signing up and adding the site, all you have to do is to install our tracking script into your website. In a couple of minutes (10 max) we will start collecting data. We have real-time email alerts (if required), reports, automatic IP blocking using Google API, daily activity reports ect.

Click Fraud - definition

Click fraud is the most common way to deplete a competitor daily advertising budget. If your budget for the day is gone, naturally, competitions ads are on a higher place at no cost. Is probably the biggest problem on pay-per-click (PPC) market that can occur manually (a person clicking repeatedly advertising hyperlinks) or automatically (automated bot programmed to click competition ads). Fraudulent clicks cost you money while not producing leads or sales. Is your business affected by fraudulent clicks? Maybe yes, maybe no ... but the fact you are here, reading this, show you have a strong suspicion about fraudulent activity? Different internet resources are indicating that 20-40% of clicks on Google AdWords are suspicious, but we can't say that is right or wrong. More than this, no way to prove it. Good news is that we are offering 30 days of free monitoring for your website. One month is a decent interval of time to decide if you need a click fraud integrated solution.



No credit card data asked to create an account. You can use traditional user/password to register, but you can use existing social account IDs (Facebook and Google available at the moment). Second option seems more convenient for most of our users because eliminates the need to remember more credentials. Email address is used to send click fraud email alerts (if required).


Minimal information required as: domain name, site timezone, AdWords Client Id (in case of automatic IP blocking). Every option explained in the web form you need to fulfill.


A script is available to copy for your website. This piece of code is required on all pages you want to monitor. To keep it simple, add it on all your pages. Normally, the ideal place for it is in the head tag of your pages. In extremely rare circumstances, if you think that our script is slowing down your website, add it before closing the body tag - but it will be a bit less effective.


If everything goes as planned, than you should see data. Maximum 10 minutes after script installation data is available for viewing in 'latest visitor' report.